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MORPG development articles (mostly coding stuff)

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A quick intro to RPG development


Discover how to boost your programming skills. Then, learn how to speed up the development of your RPG game significantly .

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Servers and clients


Explore the typical client/server architecture that is used for most MORPG games. Then, study a simple, real-life code example.

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Multiplayer chats


This tutorials will show you the full source code for a chat system that can be used exactly as it is, or by tweaking small parts of it.

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Turn-based games


Check out this article to find out how you can create a two-player, turn-based multiplayer racing game.

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real time morpgs

Real-time MORPGs


Get the full source code for a real-time multiplayer game demo, which can serve as a solid base for your own MORPG.

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server architecture

Fighting multiplayer lag


Network latency is often a frequent problem for most MORPGs. Discover two powerful methods that will help compensate lag.

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